Christopher Goldston is available to serve as a guest lecturer for your

music organization or studio, or to give a masterclass to piano and composition students.

If interested, send Christopher Goldston an email.


Currently Christopher Goldston has the following prepared presentations:

How to Get Your Students to Compose From Lesson #1 (scroll down for more info on this topic)

The Music of Christopher Goldston

The Music of Margaret Goldston


Visit the following site for pictures and an audio clip of Mr. Goldston at a recent "Goldston Recital" and Masterclass in South Carolina


How to Get Your Students to Compose From Lesson #1


This session will cover ideas for getting students to compose, regardless of their level or age.   Suggestions for even the first introductory lesson to advanced techniques will be discussed.   Mr. Goldston will also talk some about the process of revising pieces, drawing from his own experiences as a composer.

The Agenda

I.             Introduction and My Philosophy

I feel composition is a great instructional tool as a way to reinforce theory concepts, even for the youngest students.   A student truly understands a concept if they can incorporate it in their own compostion.

II.         Let's Start from the Very Beginning . . . . .

. . . . a very good place to start.   Examples will include early compositional assignments and fun improvisational activities.   Be prepared to play the student as we make up some beginning pieces of our own!

III.        The Budding Composer

More examples of potential assignments.   Also, I will discuss and play student compositions as examples of what to expect from an intermediate student.

IV.       More Bright Ideas

Discussion of more compositional techniques, including how to incorporate composition in group situations.

V.         You Be the Judge!

Finally you get to be the teacher again.   We will 'judge' a few pieces and see what we can do to improve them.

VI.             Before and After

I will present some of my own compositions and show you the difference between the first draft of what I sent to my publisher and then what was actually published.


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